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Morelia in Michoacan

Old Mexico

Perhaps nowhere else on Earth is there such a difference between old and new, between the traditional past and the unpredictable future than in Mexico.

Timeless ¨Mexican¨ images still exist, of course.  Donkeys amble down dusty paths, and ancient ruins stand silhouetted against the sky.  But for every small village where a heard of goats comprises the local traffic, there is a vehicle choked freeway.  And for every local market displaying live chickens hand woven baskets and piles of dried chilies, there is a glitzy mall offering the latest in upscale merchandise.

The extremes of wealth and poverty here may still be noticed.  Half an hour away from Nuevo Vallarta´s glittering resorts are windowless, thatch roofed huts with dirt floors.  In bursting Mexico City, high fashion and houte cuisine coexist with sprawling shantytowns lacking running water.

But while a Third World way of life is still unfortunately common for many, a growing middle class benefit from a new modern global world or technology.  Travelers benefit from a strong and growing first world of hotels, airports, restaurants and related amenities, as well as a cultural heritage richly expressed through fiestas and national celebrations.  Mexico is a fascinating country that can be explored rather easily.

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